Inkshares preview #2 – Human Resources by Robert Batten

When I last previewed Human Resources by Robert Batten, it was still in funding.


How things have changed!

Human resources is now a pending novel, slated for release early next year. It won the Launch Pad Competition in 2016 and several other awards – check out Batten’s blog to see all the distinctions.

The premise seems nice at first – in the future, direct editing of the human genome is possible. Unfortunately, there’s a little side-effect – it leads to the Blight, which turns the infected into bloodthirsty monsters. Humanity nearly becomes extinct, but some are allowed to survive – as long as they remain viable food.

Check out the Inkshares page here, and be sure to pre-order a copy from there or grab one from your favorite bookstore when it’s released.

Help me kickstart my writing career and get a great sci-fi novel!


Far Flung, my sci-fi epic that’s in the Top 75 of the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition, is in funding now. Everyone who has critiqued and proofread it has thoroughly enjoyed it.

I need your support to make sure I come out in the Top 3 on Inkshares. Your support means a lot to me, my family, and my writing career.

Is there a book or project you want promoted? When you pre-order, let me know what I can review on my blog and share with my Twitter feed!

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