Inkshares Preview #3 – Rise & Fall by Brian Guthrie

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about Brian Guthrie’s work. I saw his work on, and was glad to see it again when I discovered Inkshares.


Rise was the first ever book I received from Inkshares! As I said way back, the story builds an intriguing world, described through detailed narrative and brought to life through the eyes of scribe Logwyn. This first book starts as a fantastic world of scattered landmasses (called shells) is threatened as the technology sustaining this world is starting to fail.

There is also the second book in the planned four-part series, Fall, which I’m eagerly anticipating. The sequel will follow a war that takes place between the shells as humanity clings to survival.

Anyone who appreciates deep lore and worldbuilding should give Rise a shot, and be sure to check out Fall when it is released!

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Cover with Title - ink

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