Inkshares Preview #4 – Mechcraft by Brian Fitzpatrick

I haven’t yet posted about Brian Fitzpatrick‘s work Mechcraft, but I’ve been anticipating its release for a while.


The Matrix meets Harry Potter – the tagline alone is almost enough to justify the purchase! What this book promises is nano technology “liquid metal” that be summoned with mental commands. The teenage protagonist Jake discovers that he can control this tech – when Jake uses the power, the nanobots emerge from the pores of his skin to take any shape, weapon or machine desired. He must learn to master this power as he fights against the factions who want to destroy him.

Mechcraft is still in production, but Fitzpatrick promises that not only will further books come, but that there will be film and other adaptations will follow as well. Check out Mechcraft on its Inkshares page and pre-order, or buy it from your favorite bookstore after release!


Help me kickstart my writing career and get a great sci-fi novel!

Cover with Title - ink

Far Flung, my sci-fi epic that’s in the Top 50 of the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition, is in funding now. Everyone who has critiqued and proofread it has thoroughly enjoyed it.

I need your support to make sure I come out in the Top 3 on Inkshares. Your support means a lot to me, my family, and my writing career.


Is there a book or project you want promoted? When you pre-order, let me know what I can review on my blog and share with my Twitter feed!

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