Inkshares Preview #6 – Mission 51 by Ferd Crôtte

Ferd Crôtte entered Mission 51 in the Nerdist Contest and won big, and now this tale of an alien among us is in production.


Mat is an alien who landed in Area 51 in 1954. Mat escapes from Area 51 on a cross-country adventure, and is forced to flee from several parties who want to recapture him. Mat does his best to fit in and discover what America is about as he seeks a way to return home.

Reviews for Mission 51 praise the allegory to the plights of immigrants to America, and the preview chapters promise an engaging read to come.  Check out Mission 51 on its Inkshares page here!

Help me kickstart my writing career and get a great sci-fi novel!


Far Flung, my sci-fi epic that’s in the Top 50 of the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition, is in funding now. Everyone who has critiqued and proofread it has thoroughly enjoyed it.

I need your support to make sure I come out in the Top 3 on Inkshares. Your support means a lot to me, my family, and my writing career.

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One comment on “Inkshares Preview #6 – Mission 51 by Ferd Crôtte

  1. Ferd says:

    Thank you very much for the review and recommendation, Chris! 👽

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