#Inkshares Preview #25 – Murder Happens by Dean Fearce (@deanfearce)

In Murder Happens by Dean Fearce, a psychiatrist must find the murderer hunting his patients before he is framed for the crimes.


Dr. Karl is a brilliant psychiatrist, but he has a habit of getting too involved with his patients – and he dreams about killing his wife with a hammer. This project is unique because it combines a graphic novel with a regular novel – it seems the final result will have a graphic novel that takes place within the world of the story and the novel with Dr. Karl chasing an equally twisted murderer.

I really like the idea and the dark, twisted narrative of the preview. Murder Happens is in funding – pre-order now!

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Help me kickstart my writing career and get a great sci-fi novel!

Cover with Title - ink

Far Flung, my sci-fi epic that’s in the Top 50 of the Launch Pad Manuscript Competition, is in funding now.

Be sure to read the preview chapters & tell me what you think. Support this story, and I will write a preview for any work you want to promote!

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