#Inkshares Preview #32 – The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint by Chase Pletts

In The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint by Chase Pletts, Eldon Quint and his sons must defend their home from vengeful outlaws.


Set in the Old West, The Loving Wrath follows Eldon Quint and his estranged brother, the gunslinger Jack Foss. Jack Foss runs to Eldon’s home during a blizzard and forces Eldon and his sons to defend themselves against a gang of killers. Eldon Quint loses one son in the fight, and becomes determined to bury him next to his mother. Meanwhile, Minn Barker a black servant in Kansas, escapes her lecherous master and sets out to Shaw University – but in her escape she is left penniless and starving. Her path to freedom will cross with Eldon’s path to recovery as the two help each other to survive.

Reviewers praise the narrative as it describes harsh life in the Old West, and I really appreciated the complex characters of Eldon and Minn as described in the preview chapters.  You can find out more about this upcoming book on the Inkshares page here!

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