#Inkshares Preview #33 – The Madness of Mr. Butler by Michael Haase (@Tall_Tales_Told)

In The Madness of Mr. Butler by Michael Haase, a burned-out ER nurse meets a psychiatric patient claiming to be from another world, and is swept away on an intergalactic adventure.


The story begins with one of the Voyager probes returning to Earth with an alien megastructure attached. Unsure just what these aliens are up to humanity panics as the end seems nigh. George Butler is already strung out at his job, and the last hing he needs is end-of-the-world fever or the patient he’s just met who claims to be from another planet. He finally manages to get away from work, hoping to patch things up with his girlfriend with a nice date at his place. Only problem is, there’s an enormous Victorian-style house sitting where George’s house used to be, and it happens to have a Voyager probe stuck in its porch.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Mr. Butler lately as the author is rewriting and releasing updated previews for the coming work. Check it all out on the Inkshares page here!

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