#Inkshares Preview #36 – Tears of the Assassin by William Schiele (@schieleauthor)

In Tears of the Assassin by William Schiele, a dishonorably discharged soldier becomes a contract killer and is drawn into a complex plot.


David Diegert is a man of mixed race from a poor family who once fought in the US Army. Following his dishonorable discharge, Diegert begins working as a hired gun for Klaus Panzer, leader of a shadowy organization with a complex plan to take control of the US dollar and the world economy. Panzer double-crosses Diegert, however, and begins publicizing Diegert’s crimes. Diegert becomes the world’s most wanted man, and is forced to form an unlikely alliance with a CIA agent to save the one person Diegert loves.

The preview promises a gritty, immersive tale, with reviewers praising the humanization of Diegert, despite his many crimes. The e-book is only $3, so check it out on Amazon and Inkshares!

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