#Inkshares Preview #37 – A Magnificent Madness and the Line in the Sand by Paul Gentile

A dead man finds himself in a land of demons and must escape the underworld in A Magnificent Madness and the Line in the Sand by Paul Gentile


Ben-Adam has already lived one life, and now he must try again in Tumulus, an underworld populated by demons. Unsure how or why he has been placed in this afterlife, Ben-Adam must work with demons who are building a bridge back to the surface of the demons’ world. The satirical fantasy follows Ben-Adam’s misadventures as he learns how to work with unsavory beings to escape his hellish afterlife.

I love the concept from the start, and the preview chapters promise a witty and funny tale. This book is currently in funding, so check it out on Inkshares now!

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