#Inkshares Preview #39 – The Battle Within by Alastair Luft (@AlastairLuft)

A soldier deals with life away from combat and the complex issues of PTSD in The Battle Within by Alastair Luft


The Battle Within Follows Major Hugh Dégaré, a Canadian soldier who takes a new position in a military headquarters far from the front line.  Without the adrenaline of combat, Dégaré begins to suffer nightmares and intense memories from his service. He turns to a psychologist, estranged friend and ex-soldier Daryl. Even with the extra help, Dégaré’s rage continues to grow and his life falls apart. He turns to a questionable military medical system, desperate to save his career, his marriage, and his life.

With Luft’s own military experience in the  narrative, the issues facing those in the service and the vets who return are brought to life in stark detail. Reviewers praise the story for its up-close and personal look at PTSD and related issues. Check it out on Amazon and Inkshares now!

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