#Inkshares Preview #42 – The Sulphur Cure by Barry Brennessel

In The Sulphur Cure by Barry Brennessel, an artist who lost everything in the Great Depression searches for the brother he thought was lost in the Great War.


This book is a bit different from the other Inkshares books I’m previewing – The Sulphur Cure was written and published before going on Inkshares for the Launch Pad competition, but this contest should get a bigger audience for the author.

The story follows Vincent Rhodes, an artist who lost his family fortune in the Great Depression, as he receives letters from his brother Theo. Theo went missing in the Great War, so Vincent leaves Brooklyn, following clues in the letters to solve the mystery and find his brother. His search takes him to New England, but the eclectic residents of a decaying resort known as The Sulphur Cure have dark secrets of their own.

Rhodes is an intriguing character from the start, and I really appreciate the simple, compelling narrative of the chapters I’ve read so far. Be sure to check it out on Inkshares and Amazon!

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