Preview #44 – Daughter of the Mara by Alexandra Bittner (@theladyisanerd)

Nightmares intertwine with reality for the heroine of Daughter of the Mara by Alexandra Bittner.


Jayashree Atkinson is constantly surrounded by dreams even while awake, and is locked away for five years for a crime she doesn’t remember. Now she is finally free from the psychiatric hospital where she feared she would spend her entire life. Thanks to a mysterious stranger who broke into her hospital, she knows that she is a mara – the living embodiment of a nightmare.

She begins to learn what it means to be a mara, as she controls her dreams and faces enemies in the waking world. She will have to confront the mother who abandoned her as well as other mara as she tries to learn who and what she is.

Reviewers praise the dark descriptions of the nightmares that surround Jayashree, as well as the complex narrative that follows her journey of self-discovery amidst her struggles against unknown evils. The preview chapters are deeply intriquing as Jayashree deals with both dark visions and skepticism from the doctors around her. Be sure to check out Daughter of the Mara on Amazon and learn more about her dark journey

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