#Inkshares Preview #46 – Kingdom of Dreams by Kevin O’Coffey (@KevinOCoffey)

Last time I talked about Kingdom of Dreams by Kevin O’Coffey, it was still in funding – and now it’s in full development with a release date soon to be announced!


The story is about Jimmy Reve, a boy who just wants his bullies to go away. One day, the bullies start to disappear, one by one, and Jimmy realizes his problems are much worse than he thought. He is introduced to the Kingdom of Dreams, and has to find a way to fix the damage he has caused – or he will disappear next.

That’s the synopsis I wrote back then – the story is now undergoing developmental edits with Inkshares, but the idea seems to be the same. Kingdom of Dreams is a darkly humorous hybrid of graphic novel and traditional novel, with artwork painstakingly provided by the author. The preview discussion also offers another interesting tidbit – the finished book will have different artwork at the very start of the book to represent different ethnicities for the main character. It looks like the reader will get to choose what the main character looks like – I can’t wait to see this incredible idea in action!

Go check out Kingdom of Dreams on Inkshares here!


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