#Inkshares Preview #47 – The Bones of the Past by Craig A. Munro (@BonesofthePast)

The Bones of the Past by Craig A. Munro follows multiple characters as demons and deities are unleashed upon a dark fantasy landscape.


The Bones of The Past follows several intriguing characters as darkness rises in the epic fantasy setting. One thread follows Salt, a sailor rescued by the Night Guard of the city of Bialta. He’s a quick learner, but he’ll have to train hard to help the Night Guard against the strange and demonic challenges they face. One such threat is Nial, a girl changed by a demonic force and who now hunts for human souls. Another plot thread follows Maura, a citizen of Sacral – a city that has been hidden and has just reappeared to the outside world. Maura will have to leave behind her isolated life as war approaches her once-hidden city. There is also Carver, a master of magic known as fleshcarving, who is bent on unleashing an army of twisted creations upon the land.

While obviously a very complicated story, the narrative of The Bones of the Past manages to be easy enough to follow, drawing the reader in to each of the main characters. I enjoyed the available chapters very much, and I’ve put this at the top of my list of books to by after my current crowdfunding campaign. I’m also very excited about the upcoming sequel!

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