#Inkshares Preview #49 – Space Cat by Sammy Wilsmore (@MindInTheStars)

In Space Cat by Sammy Wilsmore, a researcher on a space station in orbit receives an unexpected new friend.


Commander Leah Esstrerson is a researcher aboard a microgravity farm base with a mission to grow food for self-sustainability beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Without consulting Leah, colleagues of hers on Earth have sent her a new companion – a cat, complete with a custom-designed space suit. With her expected isolation interrupted by an unusual and unexpected companion, Leah must complete her original research while learning to live with a cat – in space!

While the premise is at first humorous, the narrative promises human drama and exploration of space travel themes as well as some comedic moments. The preview chapters hint at some of the mental trials that Leah and astronauts like her face on long missions alone, and the addition of a pet cat seems like it will be a way to broaden the emotional experience of living in space. I look forward to hearing more about this story!

Check out Space Cat on Inkshares here!



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