The Birthday Post

I’m already getting notifications on Facebook for my birthday, June 7, even though for many of the IWSG and other readers it’s still Wednesday (and it’s still technically okay to tag this #IWSG on Twitter, right?)

So about my birthday. It could be better, could be a lot worse. I thought I’d have more writing done, and I’ve been “trying to write” a hell of a lot more than actually writing. It’s at the point now where it’s get serious or do something else entirely.

Writing still has an undeniable appeal to me, even through the emotional fatigue I feel now. I’m taking steps to control anxiety and my impulses, and it’s worked – to the point that I don’t feel strongly happy or sad. Based on what I’ve read that’s actually kind of ‘normal’ – depression and anxiety are more likely to take the form of emotional ‘static’ than constant sadness or loneliness.

I’ve had some expensive problems happen lately, too. My car engine needed a costly overhaul, and I had to replace my tires. The family tablet was dropped and has a cracked screen that little fingers shouldn’t touch. We have to figure out something the kids can do this summer without spending too much money.

My writing has taken pen and paper form during these problems. I find myself handwriting more often – it seems to help me work out these issues. It is also very heartening to see the notifications on Facebook. I do appreciate those, and they are making my day much easier.


For #IWSG and others I want to ask:

What do you like to do on your birthday?

What do you write about?

Is it just another day on your latest novel or story, or do you find yourself writing different things or trying different ways of writing?




3 comments on “The Birthday Post

  1. Gary says:

    Bad luck with the expenses, always seem to lurk round the corner waiting for an opportunity to mug you! Hand writing though, a skill being lost nowadays in favour of tech which, as you say, isn’t cheap. The writing comment I empathises with too. A sort of cognitive dissonance effect. Do or move on, want to do but will it lead anywhere. Good, bad fluxing and raising internal anxiety. If it still has an appeal you might take positives from my post which was based on a lovely lady that has just finished a manuscript after 18 years! I interviewed her and figured my own internal wrangles and procrastinating excuses were a bit lame afterwards!

  2. Ellen says:

    That’s a shame about those unexpected expenses 😦

    I usually have a low-key birthday and try not to tell anyone about it. I hate to be the center of attention, although I don’t mind a slice of cake (or three).

  3. Sorry about the tablet. Guess you’ll have to toss the kids out into the yard and see what happens. (Not that we liked that when we were kids!)

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