What I need to write again…

I’m setting up a few things so I can do this again.

When I try to write my book, or any long work these days, I feel absolutely crushed by loneliness. I think of my bad relationship with my wife and so many other problems, and then I can’t write no matter how much I want to.

I contacted a possible counselling service today, but only for myself. I’ve talked to my wife; she doesn’t want to go to couples counselling – I think she just can’t get comfortable talking about these things.

Okay, counseling just for me for now, check. Do I have a friend I can occasionally talk to? I think so. I just have to be absurdly careful. I lost many good friends in the past because I turned to them too often, asked for too much.

I know what I want to work on with my writing. I don’t know how I’ll promote it while I’m still in Korea, with so few friends and little support, but one step at a time.

The need to write this will absolutely not go away, though. So fine, if I spend a few years writing and all of two people buy the book and read it, that will have to do.