About TCCE

I live and teach in Korea, where I’ve been since I left my hometown, Waterloo, Ontario. I’ve been enjoying the life of an expat teacher as I work at a university in Busan. This great Korean city has also provided me chances to meet many great artists at spoken word events such as Wordz Only, and to chat with others who love to write.

I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve been able, and I’ve taken several courses and classes both in flesh and online. The cheerful support of my writing from friends and family has driven me, at last, to dive straight into the hectic world of writing.

At home, wishing I didn’t give so much time to my diary, smartphone, and PC, are my lovely wife and two wonderful sons. I take them for nice walks and drives across the Korean countryside as I search for new wonders to write about.

My wife and I