‘Memory Exchange’ now available from Ether Books!

A quick post as I continue my research and pre-scheduling for the hectic month of April РThe 3rd and final of the Simultaneously-Accepted batch of stories I sent off to Ether Books is now available! Memory Exchange is a contemporary fantasy beginning in a world very familiar to me Рthe dusty, empty theatre hours after a big show! It was a fun story to write, as I got to put together my love for the setting alongside a fantastic concept. I hope you will enjoy this story as much I enjoyed writing it.

Unlike my other works on Ether Books, this is a paid download. It’s cheap! Just 69p ($0.99) gets the story permanently added to your Ether Books library.

Your purchase helps me get more works out there!

Hope you’ll consider buying it.


Back to writing for me – got some hard work ahead this month.