Reading Radar – Catching Stars and Frey

I’m back with Reading Radar, where I preview promising books from independent authors.

Here’s what I’m looking at in the week of January 8 – 14.


InksharesCatching Stars by Cayla Keenan


Catching Stars takes place in the kingdom of Aestos, and follows Maddix, a member of the King’s Guard. Maddix is accused of four murders he can’t remember comitting, and finds himself in prison awaiting execution. After Maddix mysteriously escapes his punishment, the witch Jayin is sent to find him – but Jayin and Maddix will have to work together if they want to survive.

The strong writing and descriptive narrative caught my interest – the sample chapters do a good job of pulling the reader in to this world. Currently at 276 pre-orders, Catching Stars is now guaranteed the basic publishing treatment by Inkshares, and any further orders will certainly help the author even more.


Amazon Promotion – Frey, by Melissa Wright

517zm4m8bnlAnother Kindle free promotion – and it’s still going as I write this. Frey lives in a small village where her Aunt makes life difficult and frustrating for her. Frey’s life takes a strange turn as she discovers magic she didn’t know she had, and is persecuted by her village council. She goes on the run, and is forced to seek help from strangers and other outcasts. As she runs, she begins to recover memories long lost to her and she suspects that there is much more to her story.

So far, I’ve found the narrative to be fairly engaging. It’s a little rough and somewhat confusing in places – I think this book could have used another run-through by an editor. The characterizations of Frey and her friend Chevelle get muddled in places, and I found it hard to understand some of their actions. There are enough twists to keep me reading, though, and I have a feeling it may be worth reading through to the second book in the series, Pieces of Eight.


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