#IWSG July 1 – My story is now in eFiction Magazine!

In my last post, I talked about how surprised I was to get a story in eFiction magazine.

I expected to be asked for some edits, or to confirm my bio info. Imagine my surprise today when I found out that my story, Painted Blue Eyes, is already out!

Okay. I’m with this. A little odd that no changes at all were asked of me – makes me wonder. I truly do hope the story is satisfying to all who read it!

My job now is to get the word out. See, that’s the thing about getting published in online magazines – you can get a much greater readership than you could in print, but only if you brag about it, constantly, on every channel you can find!

Ah, you’ve caught me at my game, IWSG – yes I am using my July post to plug my story. Can you really blame me?

All right, let’s get more into the community Q&A spirit of IWSG. My take on eFiction and online magazines in general is that they offer great chances to get your name out there, and they can attract a huge base of readers (providing you do the social media work). What’s your take?

Do you ever read online magazines like eFiction? Do you think they are great places to get some attention?

Have you been published in both online and paper magazines? How do you compare the experiences?

Hope to hear some answers, and hey, go check out my story, along with the four others in the book. I’m sure you’ll love them!


Painted Blue Eyes by TCC Edwards

Part of eFiction Vol. 6, No. 4, published July 1, 2015.

This magazine is also available on Amazon!

Coming soon to eFiction! I’m getting published!


Breaking news! I’m getting published again!

A story of mine has just been accepted by the literary magazine eFiction, one of the fine publications of FictionMagazines.com! The piece is called Painted Blue Eyes, and it’s a creepy little piece I wrote over several months with the Busan Writing Group.

In this story, a dark childhood memory comes to the surface, as a senior art student helps his last living relative move from her old house. As they clean, Gregory uncovers a familiar painting that his beloved Aunt Beatrice has hidden for years. A painting tainted with splashes of old blood.

Of course there’ll be more about this story as I learn its eventual publication date. Until I know more, allow me this moment to celebrate.








Thanks for indulging me.