Immunity to Change – A free course I’m taking

I’m taking this online course from edX, Unlocking the Immunity to Change.

Guess what change I want to make? Yup, I want to be more committed to my fiction, writing for a bare minimum of 1 hour every day. I think this course might be especially good for aspiring writers. I know a lot of people who want to write, but can’t seem to get themselves down to out most days (takes one to know one, heh). The change we need to make is getting rid of this “I don’t have time!” mentality and learn how to MAKE the time instead.

I want to review, write, AND participate more in the writing community. What I need to learn is how to do all of that with a full-time job and a family! In the future, I want to be less dependent on my current full-time job and more dependent on writing. I’m never going to get there without some serious changes to my habits and my ways of thinking.

I’m only in the first week of the course, so I’ll be posting updates on my progress as I go. New members are still welcome to join the course – come on, it’ll be fun!