Quick Review – Lyncia by J.A. Waters

It’s been too long since I’ve done a review.

Time to remedy that!

I’ll do a shorter style of review from now on – I’m working hard on Far Flung and a story for the Busan Writing Group! Far Flung will update on Back to the Future Day, and the first draft of my BWG story is due a week later on October 28.

Okay, so, Lyncia by J. A. Waters:

I’ll base this review solely off Chapter 1.

The Good:

Characterization and worldbuilding come quickly into the piece, as the narrator describes a sparring session. His emotions come through easily in the prose, allowing the reader to quickly get into the action. While this is going on, background information is woven in naturally, allowing a glimpse at the grand scope of things to come.

The Could-be-better:

I shouldn’t say too much after just the beginning. There is a bit much information – I felt like there were a few too many names or facts to take in right at first. However, it is the beginning, so a bit of infodump is necessary.

My takeaway:

A solid start, and a fascinating lead-in to what promises to be an epic fantasy. I tried to give a similar sense of the wonder and scale of Far Flung in its opening – time will tell how well I succeeded.

The author has a wiki devoted to keeping characters and places straight, and he has even generated maps with detailed geographical details. I also noted many, many replies to the feedback given to his story.

I’ve been in touch with the author, actually, and I will very soon post answers to a few questions I asked about undertaking such a serial story. Until then, take your hoverboard and chill out with some Pepsi Perfect at Cafe 80’s!