So, why “Evil Spirits”?

What an eclectic little blog.

I started off wanting to write about writing and do reviews of flash fiction, and somehow I’m researching about evil spirits for this year’s A-to-Z Blogging challenge!

It’s my novel, you see. That novel, the one in my head and various stages of non-completion for years and years. I have a draft of it done from NaNoWriMo, and one of the (many) problems with that draft is that I don’t know enough about the setting for my own fantasy novel to write it properly. That’s where this month’s Evil Spirits theme comes in – the world of this novel is populated by spirits both good and evil, and my main character is one of a few who can see them and converse with them. Like I hinted last Wednesday, this research is really helping me paint the dangers that lurk in the shadows for my characters.

Next year, I want to try something a little more obviously related to writing, but I can’t say I regret my choice this year – it really has provided a lot of good material I can work from. Also, it’s just really, really cool.