#atozchallenge – T is for Tiyanak, innocence feigned

They lure the unwary with the ultimate mask.

In the jungles of the Philippine islands, there is an especially evil predator who cries like a baby. The seeming helplessness of a child lures in a well-meaning traveler, leading one to find an infant lost and alone. It is only after this poor traveler, guilty of nothing but a kind heart, takes in the ‘child’ that the true beast is revealed – and by then it is too late. A Tiyanak is a demon in human form. Perhaps it was once a child who died before baptism, who spent endless dark nights in Limbo before returning changed. It could be the unholy offspring of a human and a demon. It could even be an aborted or miscarried child, full of anger for its parents. Whatever they are, you most certainly don’t want to adopt one!



Image – Tiyanak on Boogeymen Wiki