The Final Round of Writing Exercises Begins Next Tuesday

There are four weeks left in my currently-running series of writing exercises.

I’ve been talking about the components of short fiction writing as an aid to beginners, and these exercises will form the basis of a new book!

The Write, Or Else! book will start out as a textbook for my university ESL writing class.

I will take the blog posts from the writing exercise series and revise them slightly so I can use them in class. After that field test, I should have a decent book I can release to the public! A beginner’s guide to short fiction writing – but maybe I’ll give it a snappier name.

For the final 4 weeks, I’ll talk about putting the setting, characters, and plot challenges together into a working story.

It all starts on Tuesday, June 6. See you then!

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Writing Away, Procrastinating, Writing some more

First, please check out these links:

These posts explain very well what’s been going on with me and what I need to do about it!

I have been writing, and now I’ve got 2 rough drafts for flash submissions. They are both at the point where I need human beings other than myself to read & give feedback before I submit them to Daily Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, or Every Day Fiction. I don’t want to post them on this blog – yet.

I will be able to meet a writing club this weekend, I think. I definitely want to get more content on this blog next week – I’m thinking 1 post a week might be the best way to go, considering my work habits and the ways I’m trying to change them.

More to come soon, but figured I should get something up before February completely ends …