Reading Radar – What’s caught my interest this week


I’m trying out a new kind of post on this blog

I’ll call it Reading Radar, and it’s a look at a few of the cool new reads I’ve discovered. I’ll be heavily favoring web serials and crowdfunded books on sites like Inkshares, as most of my reading has turned toward the indie scene.

Here’s my best finds this week:

Dracula vs. Hitler, by Patrick Sheane Duncan

As if the title alone weren’t enough! C’mon, you know you want it. This is a great example of a successful book at Inkshares – it garnered enough interest to get well over 750 preorders and got a full editing and promotion treatment by Inkshares. The samples freely available show why it’s popular – it’s written in the same style of diary entries and correspondence as the original Bram Stoker novel. The story has Van Helsing decide to unleash the worst monster he knows to fight the worst monster the world has known. It looks awesome, and is definitely worth a good read.

Sorcery for Beginners, by Matt Harry

Formatted like a “for Dummies” book, complete with helpful diagrams, this novel looks like a really fun read. It’s currently funding on Inkshares, and I’m sure the author would love your help getting it made. It follows a boy who finds an easy-to-read guide to magic – and it works! Unfortunately it also really, really messes up his life. Have a look, and throw some love in if you can.

A Practical Guide to Evil, by ErraticErrata

This is a web serial that I found through Web Fiction Guide. Everyone knows the old Evil Overlord list, right? This is that same list, but fleshed out into a full story with deep characters. It’s a very engaging read, and I highly recommend checking it out.


While I’m doing my best to read, my main work is getting Far Flung: Castaways ready for publication. I need a book out there!

“North of Reality” – Weird & Funny short fiction by Uel Aramcheck

I was looking around Web Fiction Guide today, searching for hidden gems…

I think I found one!


I’ve been reading a lot of serial and web fiction lately, but North of Reality by Uel Aramcheck is different from most.

Rather than being a strict serial, it is a blog from the author’s imaginary realm – each piece is either a short story or an encyclopedic entry from another universe.

One of the best examples of the self-contained story entries is “Then Before If“- I loved how this piece plays around with the paradox that arises from knowing the future, and builds a rather poignant story around it.

My favorite encyclopedia entry so far  is “The Projectile Heart“, informing readers that humans can eject their hearts through their mouths in extreme situations (just like sea cucumbers vomiting up their insides).

I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read from this site so far. Since each piece can be read on its own, it makes it a great site to stop by once every few days for a weird fiction fix.

jukepopMy next writing goal – have Chapter 10 of Far Flung ready for the next Tuesday Serial Collector!