Or Else … What?

Or else you will wonder. Ceaselessly wonder countless sleepless nights what could have been.

Or else you’ll feel silenced, like you could have cried loud to the world, but missed the chance to be heard by any ears save your own.

Or else your mastery of words and forging tales from them will forever linger, never improving, never flourishing.

Yeah. Heavy, right?

Then let’s not get all negative – this blog is supposed to be supportive!

The more positive answer is “Write, or else nothing. This is what gives me joy and purpose.”

If you are any kind of writer, then write – and celebrate your decision to do so. Don’t look back – you’ll just see your daemons of negativity creeping up, trying to drag you down. Trust your muse. Nurture your writing urges, never stop satisfying them, and it is your mind and the worlds within that will flourish.