#Inkshares Preview #17 – Crow’s Gambit by Patrick Tebbe

In Crow’s Gambit by Patrick Tebbe, aliens invade Earth and shut down all forms of flight – satellites, planes, and rockets.


The premise of Crow’s Gambit is intriguing, with alien invaders blocking all flight on Earth. Airliners and anything that flies is destroyed, with no explanation from the mysterious Slyph aliens. The story follows Cassie, a drone pilot who flies low and fast to avoid human laws and alien weapons. Cassie is approached by an eccentric billionaire with a dream of reclaiming the skies. Hoever, there are forces on Earth that benefit from the status quo, and no one is certain how the aliens will react.

I thought the premise was really interesting as an examination of the impact of avionics on human history and culture. It sounds like it’ll be a thrilling read! You can preorder Crow’s Gambit at Inkshares here.

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